Bohemian Glass Masters

We are Aldit

The glass objects produced by Aldit Company are characterized by the sense of tradition, as well as the inclination to new trends, innovative designs and modern technologies. We always strive for perfect processing and excellent quality. Thanks to the combination of quality design and modern technologies, our illuminators become timeless elements of the interiors all over the world.


From the beginning

Our Story

In his professional life, Václav Heřman devoted himself to management and economy of textile and glass enterprises. He dedicated his free time to a verbal art and cooperation with artists. As a result, he was very active as a curator especially in a field of painting and graphic arts. This experience allows him to take a sober and objective position in relation to the aesthetic level of the produced and offered luminaires.

David Heřman, who graduated from Technical University, has gone through demanding training abroad. He worked in a research center for CERN in Switzerland. After his return, he worked with his father in a glass company, where he successfully devoted himself to the programming of manufacturing processes. Thanks to this professional and technological inventiveness of his, he and his father decided to start their own family company.

Our Designs

First production

In the year 1997, they started to produce chandelier parts first for residential lighting and later also for large luminaires, which were made to order. Together they developed several unique technologies and designs in a field of glass production that are patent- protected.

After reaching the targets in this segment of production, Aldit Company came up with the designs for their own collection of residential lighting and then seamlessly transferred to the production of large luminaires. Thanks to the emphasis placed on quality and also the cooperation with the best designers, the company succeeds in successfully implementing demanding projects all over the world.