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Jaroslav Bejvl

Jaroslav Bejvl Jr, whose family tradition goes way back to the year 1962, is a well-known designer of chandeliers and light installations, which can be found all over the world. He graduated from design, sculpture and drawing. He was able to uncover some secrets of glass processing technology in well-known studio of Chihuly in Seattle. His work is characterized mainly by the use of traditional technologies and crafts, as well as the use of latest technologies, especially for the interactive art installations. This is how he creates modern art pieces that have a clear vision.


Family tradition 62

Family Tradition

The family tradition that goes back to 1962, perfect knowledge of the history of chandeliers and their production, humility to the craft and Czech crystal, whose history goes back to 17 th century, those are the most important characteristics of the work of this designer pair. Jaroslav Bejvl senior´ experiences with glass, craft, and light go back to the year 1962. First implementations of historical and modern luminaires and installations attracted demanding clients from around the world. At the turn of the sixties and seventies, for instance, there were huge projects in Iran, in eighties, there was a project involving a chandelier for Royal palace in Saudi Arabia and monumental light column made for hotel Pyramides in Tunis.

Jaroslav Bejvl senior´ greatest creative project was in the year 2000. The project included luminaires for all public areas of hotel Ritz Carlton in Philadelphia. Several unique projects implemented in Asia followed after this. The first joint project of father and son Bejvl was monumental lighting object for hotel Ritz Carlton in Hong Kong, where the central idea – the metamorphosis of nature – was a contribution of the younger one of the pair. Together they have created over 80 unique light installations, whose unique feature is creativity. Bejvls spread the fame of traditional art of Czech glassmakers all over the world.