15.May 2020

The beauty of connecting seemingly incompatible materials

The beauty of connecting seemingly incompatible materials

In the beginning, there was a desire to connect two different materials and create a unique collection which carries the lightness of glass paired with the elemental roughness of stone. After a lengthy search for the ideal material, Jaroslav Bejvl Jr. focused his attention on Alabaster. This noble material has been used since ancient Egypt and its use has accompanied numerous cultures to this day. With it, ancient masters were able to create works that laid the foundations for the perception of art itself. Its use in architecture is equally important. Owing to its light-transmitting properties, Alabaster is often used as a filling for window panes. It is due to these characteristics that its connection with glass was an ideal choice for us. This perfect interplay of two materials gave rise to two of our collections, Wow Alabastro and I am Not a Plastic. Let’s take a closer look at their story.


I am Not a Plastic 

The combination and interplay of two classic materials – alabaster and glass. Alabaster has its roots in the Middle Ages when it was used as a filling for cathedral windows. Its translucent composition helped to achieve the desired intimate atmosphere needed for contemplation. Similarly, glass was a material which underlined the atmosphere of church buildings. By combining alabaster as a source of pure light and glass with its optical decors, infinite mystical patterns are created.

 We offer the Iam Not a Plastic collection as separate pieces (soliteres). However, you will best appreciate its full effect on your feelings when several of the pieces are connected together. You will be enchanted by the combination of Blue Diamond, a charming blue colour, and the refreshing shade of Citrine glass in contrast with the noble and precisely crafted Alabaster. The glass elements are decorated with the technique of optical decor, pressed into the glass mass while hot. The fine tones of the decor highlight even the finest colours. In the same way, the internal structures of the alabaster emphasise the light passing through them. The irregularity of the structures makes each piece truly unique. The seemingly unimaginable combination of materials creates a composition that fits perfectly into any interior.


Wow Alabastro

The secret is hidden inside. The inner metal layer is naturally opaque, with no light. As soon as light is introduced and the angle of view altered, you discover a noble material with the colour structure of alabaster which changes its form whenever you look at it.

The Wow Alabastro light object will attract attention in any interior, and quite understandably! The largest objects in this collection are of staggering dimensions up to 500 mm in diameter. Such a large size is admirable especially owing to the technology of technical glass used, thin and with a light and fresh effect in the interior. It is almost surprising that such a delicate matter can hold a stone surface, which, thanks to its structure, plays out a breathtaking display of colours. In addition to pendant lights, you may opt for table lamps, truly unique thanks to their technology.


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